Almaden Neighborhood Church is a vibrant, multi-cultural church family made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We desire to be a light in the Almaden Valley by loving our neighbors well and reaching out in practical ways to our community. The focus of our church is to love God, love others and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Come and join us as we experience God’s love together.

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Pastor Jordan Wong - January 28, 2018

Suffering Well

Suffering Well

If you had a choice, would you rather have a pain-free life or a life that includes suffering and hardship? It seems like a no-brainer. Obviously, anyone would choose a life without suffering. But think about Jesus. He had a choice. He could have stayed in heaven with the Father where he would never experience physical pain or human suffering. However, Jesus chose to leave a place of comfort to enter into a world where there is hatred, disappointment, betrayal, and death. Why would Jesus choose a path that He knew would lead to pain? The simple answer is love. Because of His incredible, selfless love for you and me, He chose a life that He knew would include sorrow and pain. But I think that there is more to the answer. The way that God chose to show His love and rescue His people was not by immediately obliterating pain but by entering into that pain with us. In doing so, He validates the value of suffering. Suffering and pain were necessary for Christ to endure to conquer over sin and death and win our salvation. Jesus didn’t skip over the hard part. He didn’t fast forward through the difficult stuff. Jesus endured it. He recognized that even the pain served a purpose. So if Christ didn’t skip over the suffering, why do we think that we should? Of course, I’m not saying that we seek out difficulty or that we enjoy suffering. But it is important for us to look to Jesus and look to the cross to realize that following Jesus includes pain and even suffering. Praise God that He can use even the suffering for our good! He can take even the painful situations and use them to grow us in our character and faith. We have the hope and knowledge that in the end, all things work out for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. We know that one day we will be in His presence where there will no longer be any suffering and pain. We only have to endure for this short time on earth, and we look forward to an eternity of peace with Him. That also means that this is the rare time in our eternal existence when we will be able to experience suffering that can grow us.

Scripture References: Mark 9:2-13, Mark 8:31-35

From Series: "All Messages"

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Almaden Neighborhood Chuch is an incredibly friendly congregation that welcomes all! Love that it’s a multicultural community of believers!

Allyssa GuynesFacebook

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a highly spiritual place.  The Holy Spirit is strong here.  I came to ANC to vote because it is my assigned voting station.  Somehow after seeing the beautiful 4-acre land and surroundings, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. Read more!

A couple of years later I decided to come to the Sunday service at 11 AM to seek answers.  Pastor Jordan’s sermon spoke to me every time.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior on November 18, 2012.  I’m now living for the Lord and have great joy in my heart.

Matt NguyenYelp

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a very special, and a wonderful place filled with warm, loving people from all walks of life. A place to come if you think you’re whole or broken and be received without judgment.

Mercedes Kronfeld Jordan Facebook

People of all ethnicities and ages! Powerful sermons to transform your life!
Family atmosphere! Growing congregation! Lots of kids! Awesome Youth Group! You better get here quick!

Katherine C.Yelp

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a small church with a big heart full of God’s love!

Kimberly DelaneyFacebook

Almaden Neighborhood Church has amazing youth program!  Pastors are loving and lots of fun!  My middle school boys bring their friends so they all want to come on Tuesday nights!  Great family church with the focus on Christ and others.  Please try it out.

Sandy G.Yelp

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a multicultural church. A great young pastor with a passion for serving the Lord. Upbeat worship. Something for all ages. Growing in number every year. Great church reaching others as God’s family.

Jared H.Yelp

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a great church, warm, kind and caring people where you are welcome and appreciate for whatever gifts you share!

Michelle ReitmeirFacebook

I’ve been attending for 4.5 years and found it to be an unexpected gem. The first day there, I was genuinely welcomed when three people warmly introduced themselves to me. The congregation has that right mix of community where it’s not too small and not too big. Read more!

Countless of us feel we’ve found a sense of belonging and family there. But even as ANC does grow a little bit each year, the folks know how to grow in a way that doesn’t compromise a close sense of community. The pastor and associate pastor are loving, funny and friendly guys. It’s a place where Biblical truth and wisdom isn’t going to be watered down, but where grace and kindness and a “we’re all in this together” attitude abounds. In short, the Holy Spirit is present.

Shruti ManiarGoogle

Very welcoming … good message … the music we could join. Very nice experience.

Joan Keller-RankinGoogle

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a place of grace where the Word of God is preached. It is a multicultural church where everyone is welcome to worship, pray, study the Bible and fellowship with one another. People are friendly and welcoming.

Susan B. CorganFacebook