Partner with us as we impact the
community for generations to come!

Reach Beyond The Limits

Pledges: $1,578,807/$2,450,000 (64.44%)

Reaching The Goal as of September 6, 2020

At Almaden Neighborhood Church, God is calling us to reach beyond the limits of our buildings and create more space for children, youth and adults to experience His love!  To do so, we are in the process of building a 4,700 square foot Neighborhood Center that includes a large community room, youth room and multiple children’s classrooms that are all handicap accessible.  We cannot do it alone. Will you partner with us as we follow God’s lead to build this building and reach the unreached?

Love God, love others and make disciples. For us, it’s that simple. Our guiding principles of faith tell us to reach out to others with love. For the past 60 years, we have partnered with our community to make a positive impact on individuals and families, leaving a legacy for future generations.

We serve the community in many ways, including summer camps, afterschool care, festivals, game nights, youth activities, and more. It is part of our mission to reach out and make a positive and lasting impact on the community of Almaden, San Jose and beyond.

Our small facilities currently limit our ability to serve you. To meet the increasing need of the community, we are building a new 4,700 square foot Neighborhood Center that will house a community room, youth room and children’s classrooms. Join us in making this dream a reality!

See the recent update of the new Neighborhood Center. View and download information & documents to creatively share our vision and plan. You can make a significant impact through sharing and giving. Help us to make a difference!