Building Updates

Building Updates

Pledges: $1,578,807/$2,450,000 (64.44%)

Updates From Pastor Jordan Wong

December 5th, 2020: Year End Update

The vision of the Neighborhood Center has been closer than ever despite of the Corona Virus and shelter in place this year. See this year-end update from Pastor Jordan and be encouraged on what God has done in 2020!

November 24, 2020: Parking Lot Resurfaced!

What a year! At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 we were able to do the majority of the construction of Phase I of this great project!  Then COVID-19 hit.  All of construction stopped in Santa Clara County and then slowly started to resume.  Thankfully we were able to complete Phase I and even begin Phase II by completely re-surfacing the parking lot!  After years of potholes and mud pits, the parking lot is now smooth, welcoming and fully handicap accessible.  We are now poised to take the next step in building the Neighborhood Center.  We will continue to raise funds over the winter so that we can begin framing the building in the Spring of 2020 so that we can complete the exterior of the building and finish Phase II.  Then, we will be able to work on the interiors and have this building ready to serve our community.  A time will be coming when people will be able to gather together and there will be a desire for a safe, welcoming environment where we can come together as a community.  That’s what we are building!  Join us in being a part of it!

November 27, 2019: The Foundation is Finished!

This week, we poured the concrete slab for the new building!  This is an exciting moment as we now have the foundation set for the Neighborhood Center.  We are nearing the end of “Phase 1” and soon will be wrapping up construction during the rainy season here in Northern California.  We now need to raise in the funds for the next part of the project so that we can get the walls up and start using this building for the benefit of the community!

September 29, 2019: Capital Campaign

Today we launch our new capital campaign to raise the remaining funds for the Neighborhood Center! The final phases of this project (Phase 2 and 3) will cost about $1.4 million.

We believe that God is going to provide in ways beyond what we can imagine. The monetary amount seems like it might be beyond the reach of our small congregation, but God is calling us to take steps of faith. That is why the name of this campaign is “Reach Beyond the Limits”! We are reaching beyond our limitations of what we think we can do and entering into God’s unlimited vision to love Him and to love others. Our goal is to raise funds and pledges so that we can continue construction in the Spring of 2020 and complete this project so that we can begin using it to share God’s love in our community! We cannot do it alone. If you are reading this update now, you are a part of this vision, and you are invited to participate! Please take the next step by clicking here and making a commitment to give what you are able towards making this vision become a reality.

September 19, 2019: Construction Update

Today we had our inspections from the City of San Jose for our new domestic water lines, and we passed! Everything is looking good as we move forward to the final part of our phase I construction. Over the next few weeks, we will be able to run water and utility lines towards the new building and then start to pour the foundation for the building!

July 28, 2019: Phase I Fully Funded!

Phase 1 of the building project is now fully funded! The projected cost of Phase 1, which includes all of the site work, city fees, utilities, and concrete pad was $1,050,000.

Today we crossed over that line of donations received! It is a good thing as we are already in the middle of this phase of construction. We began this phase a few months ago with the majority of the funds in hand but went forward by faith, trusting that the remainder would arrive in time, and it has! Thank you to all who have been faithfully giving over these past nine years to bring us to the place where we have raised over $1 million for this project for our community. However, we are not done yet!

These funds only get us to the end of this phase and will leave us with a wonderful concrete pad but no building. To put up the walls and finish the building so that it can be usable will take another $1.4 million. That seems like a big mountain to climb, but we have a bigger God and an amazing community! We are trusting that the rest of the funds will be given even as we celebrate the incredible amount that has already come in. God is providing, and He will continue to provide!

May 27, 2019: Construction Began

Things are rocking and rolling here at Almaden Neighborhood Church! The bulldozers have come in and are leveling the ground to prepare for the new Neighborhood Center.

However, right now, the majority of the work is going into updating our infrastructure. The church was built in 1955, and since then there have been a lot of changes to building code, and it’s time for us to update all of that before this new structure gets in. So, right now they are digging trenches to upgrade our water service, bring a fire hydrant on site and switch us over from septic service to sewer. The dust is flying, but it is so good to see progress as things move forward!

April 14, 2019: Groundbreaking

Today, we had our ceremonial groundbreaking for the new Neighborhood Center at Almaden Neighborhood Church!

We chose Palm Sunday for the groundbreaking as it signified Jesus entering into the city.

During the worship service, I spoke on Joshua chapter 6 and the story of the Israelites going “one more time around” the city of Jericho until God finally brought the walls down. After the service, the entire congregation went outside and stood around the outline of the proposed new building. We held hands around the footprint and, although there are no walls yet, we formed the walls as the people of the church and the community. It was a beautiful sight! Then we all prayed a “reverse-Jericho” prayer, as we prayed the walls up (not down!).

Finally, we broke ground as we had three people from our community strike a golden shovel into the ground. Adarsh Nagarajan is nine years old and represented the children of the community. Adarsh started attending ANC shortly after he was born. It was also the same year that we started making plans for this building, so the dream for this Neighborhood Center is the same age as this young man! Brooke Thompson represented the teenagers in the community as she came to know Jesus through our kids’ summer program when she was in elementary school and now is a big part of our youth program. Alex Ross represented the adults of the community as he has been our architect on this project for the last nine years and has put in an incredible amount of work because he believes in the vision and cares about the cause.

It was a great day, and we can’t wait to gather again to dedicate this building and use it for the benefit of the community and the glory of God!