Pledges: $1,578,807/$2,450,000 (64.44%)

Reaching The Goal

We need your support!

Our small facilities currently limit our ability to serve you. To meet the increasing need of the community, we are building a new 4,700 square foot Neighborhood Center that will house a community room, youth room and children’s classrooms. These new facilities will provide us better space for our existing programs while also allowing us to expand into new areas of ministry. The Neighborhood Center will be completely handicap accessible and will enable us to start ministries and groups for special needs adults and children in our area. We will also be able to enlarge our children’s summer camp program, provide an assembly space for community gatherings and become a regional polling place for elections. The Neighborhood Center will serve as a safe place for teenagers to come for our weekly youth groups as they form community and find purpose in a healthy atmosphere.

We believe that God has given us this incredible goal of building this building, but we cannot do it alone! Already, the congregation of Almaden Neighborhood Church has raised over $1 million for this project. The total cost will be about $2.45 million.

Phase I: Includes all of the infrastructure, site work, utilities and concrete pad for the building. This phase cost about $1,050,000. It was fully funded and construction was completed in the spring of 2020.

Phase II: Involves erecting the frame of the building, including roof, doors, windows and external finishes. It also includes improving and finishing the parking lot that serves all the buildings at the church. This phase will cost about $800,000. The first portion of this phase (re-surfacing the parking lot) was finished in the Spring of 2020 and the rest of this phase will begin in the Spring of 2021 if we received the needed funding from this campaign.

Phase III: Finishes the building and allows us to start using it to serve the community! It involves all internal finishes including drywall, flooring, plumbing, electric and furnishing. This last phase will cost about $600,000. If we receive the needed funding from this campaign, we will begin Phase III in the Fall of 2021.

Phase I: $1,050,000/$1,050,000 (100%)
Phase II: $514,499/$800K (64.31%)
Phase III: $0/$600K

We are on our way towards reaching past the boundaries and building this Neighborhood Center for the benefit of the community! Will you commit to being a partner and join us in making a difference?  It takes many different people contributing at many different levels to do a project like this work.

Please consider what you can give and join us on this journey!