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At Almaden Neighborhood Church, we believe that children are an awesome blessing.  We are committed to helping them to grow up as young men and women of strength and character.  We use FaithWeaver curriculum as published by Group in each of our elementary classes.  With FaithWeaver NOW, students explore the same Bible passage in age-appropriate groups each week.  FaithWeaver NOW was developed with the understanding of the cognitive, social, mental, emotional, physical, and – more importantly – spiritual development of students at every age level.  It is our goal that God is the focus of every lesson. Please send us an e-mail below if you have any questions.

Here are some opportunities for your kids to grow at ANC:

Our Sunday School

Our nursery is equipped to care for babies and toddlers.  Our youngest children 0-3 are welcome to join our loving nursery staff each Sunday beginning at 11 AM.  In the nursery, you will find a changing table and age-appropriate activities.  If your child is two years and nine months, and potty trained, you are welcome to check out our preschool program.

Meet our Nursery staff: Tina and Young

Our Preschool age begins from two years and nine months to five years old. We call our classroom “Sheep Pen,” where we teach the kids that, “Jesus is our Shepherd and we are all his sheep.” These youngsters are inquisitive about everything around them. They tend to ask lots of questions. We use “FaithWeaver Now” to engage the little ones’ curiosity, with prayer time, music time, story time, playtime, activity time and quiet time, all of which are related to the Bible point of the day. Our class starts at 11:00 AM. Drop off your kids in our “Sheep Pen” before the service begins and enjoy the worship music and the sermon in the sanctuary.

Meet our Preschool teachers: Yoga, Serin, and Avisheh

Kindergarten through third grade: This age group is “rapidly developing many skills for self-reliance.  ‘Let me do it’ is one of their favorite responses to parents used to do things for them.  Sometimes that makes sense, such as tying their shoes.  Sometimes it doesn’t, such as running a power lawnmower.  Although we want to encourage self-reliance in our children, kids must also learn to rely on God.  Help your kids understand that because of our faith, we can depend on God even when things don’t seem to be going in the right direction.”  – FaithWeaver NOW as published by Group

Meet our Lower Elementary teachers:  Rachael and Le

Fourth and Fifth grade.  This age group is “beginning to establish their own identified, and they take personal feedback to heart.  As you interact with the young people in your group, be on the lookout for positive characteristics and strengths in each person.  then look for opportunities to point out these traits to your kids.  Your feedback will help them see themselves as important, productive people.”  – FaithWeaver NOW as published by Group

Meet our Upper Elementary teachers:  Julia, Susan L, Jason and Monica

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