Pastor Jared Hostetler - August 5, 2018

The Cost of Worship

The Cost of Worship

What is it worth? What is your most valuable possession? What is the one thing that you own that you would not ever want to lose? It is strange that for many people the items that we value the most are not necessarily the ones with the biggest monetary price tags. Objects become precious to us not just because of the number of dollars that they cost but because of the meaning that they hold. A picture, a ring, a family heirloom can all hold inherent value because of what they represent. The cost paid for those items might have been time, energy and memories that can’t be quantified with just money. We have mementos and possessions that have value to us, but how much value do we ascribe to God? Is He worthy of our time, effort and sacrifice? We might answer these questions affirmatively but the real way to tell is by looking at our lives to see where our priorities lie. God is valuable and worthy. Let’s search our hearts and not shrink back to sacrifice it all to worship and follow Him. We’ll be talking more about this subject as Pastor Jared Hostetler gives the message “The Cost of Worship” based on Luke 7:36-50. ~Prefaced by Pastor Jordan

Scripture References: Romans 12:1, Luke 7:36-50

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