Pastor Jordan Wong - June 10, 2018

The Story Isn't Over

The Story Isn\'t Over

Unresolved. Most of us tend to enjoy the feeling of completion, closure, and resolution. It is a good sensation to finish a project, find out the ending or cross the finish line. On the other hand, it is very difficult when we are in a situation where there is no closure. It’s not a good feeling when we are waiting for an outcome, and there seems to be no resolution in sight. Whether it is going through a job search, waiting for the medical diagnosis or dealing with family conflict, the waiting can feel like torture. Often we want to know the outcome (even if it is negative) so that we can at least know what is happening and move on. But life doesn’t always have clean resolutions. We don’t always get happy endings wrapped up in a bow. Sometimes we have to live in the unresolved for a long time. What do we do in the midst of an unfinished story? We will take hope together knowing that whatever we are going through now, that “The Story Isn’t Over.”

Scripture References: Mark 16:1-8, Mark 15:40-47

From Series: "The Gospel of Mark"

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