Pastor Jordan Wong - June 3, 2018

The Torn Curtain

The Torn Curtain

We’ll be looking at Mark 15:33-39 as we reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross. The truth is that He took the punishment for all of our sins and anything that we could complain about and He gave his own life so that we could be forgiven and have access to God. We’ll be focusing on just seven verses as we notice the details of Jesus’ death which ultimately cause an observing soldier to declare “Surely this man was a Son of God.” What does it mean that on the day of Jesus’ death the sky went dark at noon and a curtain in the Temple was torn in half? What will our response be as we recognize that Jesus breaks down the barrier between us and God and paves a way for us? Join us as we explore all of this and take of communion together. ~Pastor Jordan Wong

Scripture References: Mark 15:33-39

From Series: "The Gospel of Mark"

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