Pastor Jordan Wong - May 6, 2018



How Strong is Your Will? When you set your mind to do something, do you do it? Some people are great at following up on commitments that they make to themselves and some people are not. This usually produces one of two mentalities: either we are frustrated and discouraged by our lack of willpower or we can become arrogant and overestimate our ability to accomplish whatever we want. The key is not in trying to find a balance between the two but in discovering the third path Jesus forged for us. When He faced the greatest challenge of His life, He did not give up nor did he double down on His own determination. No, instead He came to His Heavenly Father and said, “Not my will but your will be done”.we continue through Mark chapter 14 and discover that the most powerful thing that you can do with your will is to submit it to the Lord. ~Pastor Jordan Wong

Scripture References: Mark 14:26-52

From Series: "The Gospel of Mark"


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