Pastor Jordan Wong - March 11, 2018

With Authority

With Authority

Humble Authority. How is your self-confidence? Do you feel like you have an accurate view of yourself? Many of us struggle in this area. We either tend to have an inflated view of ourselves and struggle with pride or we have a low view of ourselves and struggle with discouragement. Or we swing back and forth depending on the day! But when we look to Christ, we see someone who is confident but not cocky. He is assured but not arrogant. He is able to enter a city where everyone is proclaiming his greatness but do so humbly and on the back of a donkey. How was Jesus able to do amazing things without becoming prideful? How was he able to endure rejection and disappointment without giving into self-pity? It is because He knew who He was and who is Father was. And we can do the same. Through Christ, we can have the assurance of our identity and live our lives with confidence and without apology. This Sunday we will be looking at Mark chapter 11 and see how Jesus uses His authority for the benefit of others and how we can follow His lead. ~Pastor Jordan Wong

Scripture References: Mark 11:1-33

From Series: "The Gospel of Mark"

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