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Almaden Neighborhood Church

Capital Campaign

Future “Neighborhood Center”
As of September 6, 2020

Pledges: $1,578,807/$2,450,000 (64.44%)
Phase I: $1,050,000/$1,050,000 (100%)
Phase II: $528,807/$800,000 (66.10%)
Phase III: $0/$600K

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Reviews from Facebook, Yelp and Google

Almaden Neighborhood Chuch is an incredibly friendly congregation that welcomes all! Love that it’s a multicultural community of believers!

Allyssa GuynesFacebook

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a highly spiritual place.  The Holy Spirit is strong here.  I came to ANC to vote because it is my assigned voting station.  Somehow after seeing the beautiful 4-acre land and surroundings, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. Read more!

A couple of years later I decided to come to the Sunday service at 11 AM to seek answers.  Pastor Jordan’s sermon spoke to me every time.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior on November 18, 2012.  I’m now living for the Lord and have great joy in my heart.

Matt NguyenYelp

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a very special, and a wonderful place filled with warm, loving people from all walks of life. A place to come if you think you’re whole or broken and be received without judgment.

Mercedes Kronfeld Jordan Facebook

People of all ethnicities and ages! Powerful sermons to transform your life!
Family atmosphere! Growing congregation! Lots of kids! Awesome Youth Group! You better get here quick!

Katherine C.Yelp

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a small church with a big heart full of God’s love!

Kimberly DelaneyFacebook

Almaden Neighborhood Church has amazing youth program!  Pastors are loving and lots of fun!  My middle school boys bring their friends so they all want to come on Tuesday nights!  Great family church with the focus on Christ and others.  Please try it out.

Sandy G.Yelp

I started attending Almaden Neighborhood Church (ANC) through divine intervention at the end of 1007. Visit us, and I would love to tell you more about it. I kept coming back because the people here are genuinely concerned about others.

My life changed by being able to pour into students in this church as I never had any aspirations of working with teenagers. However, God is at work here and changing lives. I have witnessed many young lives changed, and mine included.Read more!

My favorite thing about ANC is our Youth Group, of course. Another one is sound teaching from the Bible every Sunday.

ANC is a multicultural, multigenerational and Christ-loving church. Its mission is to love God, love others, and make disciples.

Jared Hostetler2018 Retreat

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a great church, warm, kind and caring people where you are welcome and appreciate for whatever gifts you share!

Michelle ReitmeirFacebook

I’ve been attending for 4.5 years and found it to be an unexpected gem. The first day there, I was genuinely welcomed when three people warmly introduced themselves to me. The congregation has that right mix of community where it’s not too small and not too big. Read more!

Countless of us feel we’ve found a sense of belonging and family there. But even as ANC does grow a little bit each year, the folks know how to grow in a way that doesn’t compromise a close sense of community. The pastor and associate pastor are loving, funny and friendly guys. It’s a place where Biblical truth and wisdom isn’t going to be watered down, but where grace and kindness and a “we’re all in this together” attitude abounds. In short, the Holy Spirit is present.

Shruti ManiarGoogle

Very welcoming … good message … the music we could join. Very nice experience.

Joan Keller-RankinGoogle

Almaden Neighborhood Church is a place of grace where the Word of God is preached. It is a multicultural church where everyone is welcome to worship, pray, study the Bible and fellowship with one another. People are friendly and welcoming.

Susan B. CorganFacebook

A friend told me about Almaden Neighborhood Church (ANC), and I went to visit. I decided to stay because the church is small and I feel I am part of it. I became a deacon. I am usually not very social, and part of being a deacon also means I am assigned to be an usher on a rotation basis. I greet people as they come to worship, and I enjoy doing it.Read more!

My favorite thing about ANC is its diversity. If you are looking for a church where the need to feel a sense of belonging, ANC is a perfect choice.

Peter Chao2018 Retreat

Almaden Neighborhood Church (ANC) is your friendly neighborhood church! My child attended Kids Club and we were invited to visit (ANC). My husband, mother and I were very impressed with how friendly and down-to-earth the members were.Read more!

They encourage and come along with you in your journey of faith. I love the people. I love the sermons.       

Jo-Ann Wang2018 Retreat

I grew up passing this church on Sundays on my to another church. One morning, my wife and I spontaneously came to Almaden Neighborhood Church (ANC). What kept us coming back is the warm, welcoming community of people here.

Through the relationships and community, we have found strength and helping companions while we travel in a season of intense suffering

Read more!

ANC is a community that is deeply committed to serving our neighbors here in Almaden Valley.

Come and experience great Biblical preaching. We are a community of servants serve and bear each other’s burden.

Nick Palermo2018 Retreat

My kids were in Youth Group, and I followed them. I kept coming back because Almaden Neighborhood Church’s teaching is Bible-based and I formed strong friendships through the years.

I gave my life to Jesus through this church, and my life has changed forever. I no longer feel fearful about the future

Read more!

My favorite thing about ANC is the people, they are genuine, not churchy. You can be real, and people will accept and love you.

Julia Zhu2018 Retreat

I started coming to Almaden Neighborhood Church (ANC) because I heard the Holy Spirit talking to me through Pastor Jordan Wong, who officiated a friend’s funeral service. And to this day, I still hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me.

My life has changed by being mentored by Pastor Jordan and also serving as a Deacon. Both help me to stay focused on the Lord.

ANC’s heart is towards Jesus. The people are warm, loving and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Mike Koon2018 Retreat

We were invited to attend come to Almaden Neighborhood Church by my grandfather, Bill Washburn. What kept us coming back is Pastor Jordan and the whole family of ANC.

Through this church, I feel closer to my own family as well as my church family. My favorite thing about ANC is its diverse group of people.

Read more!

I would describe ANC to someone as a place where they can be comfortable being themselves. They will be walking into a big family of God.

Casey Washburn2018 Retreat

We were invited to attend come to Almaden Neighborhood Church (ANC) through Kids Club at William Elementary School, Vacation Bible School, and other kids activities.

Through ANC we were able to reconnect with some longtime acquaintances and developed much deeper friendships. ANC allows an opportunity for our sons to start serving by using their God-given gift of music

Read more!

Pastor Jordan is a gifted pastor! He can put complicated Bible message into layman’s terms that help me with my faith.

I would describe our church as very family oriented, with people of different background and ethnicities.

Alison Lam2018 Retreat